Upcoming Events

“Louisiana Slave Conspiracies: A Digital Project”

Bryan Wagner

Associate Professor of English, UC Berkeley

March 26, 2019

3:30 PM, 113 Allen


Archives of Conjure: Residual Transcriptions”

Solimar Otero

Associate Professor of English, LSU

November 9, 2018

3:30 PM, 113 Allen

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Based on over 10 years of fieldwork in Cuba and archival research, Solimar Otero explores how Afro-Cuban spiritual seances create routes to collaborative spiritual-scholarly-activist work.  “Residual transcriptions” are vernacular notations made in rituals with the dead that prescribe further acts of healing which reinforce the relationship between spiritual actors and the community.  Residual transcriptions also point to future-oriented points of conjure that unlock archives, texts, and ritual in ways that inform participatory folklore methods.